Prices start at $45(Two car minimum)

-Foam gun or Optimum polymer spray to loosen & elevate dirt and grime
-Delicate swirl free hand wash using two bucket method with grit guards
-Drying with clean high quality microfiber drying towel
-Door jambs wiped cleaned
-Tires & Wheels thoroughly washed clean
-Wheels dressed for your choice of satin or matte finish
-Spotless Clean interior & exterior windows
-One layer of protective spray wax applied then buffed to a great shine.


Prices start at $145

A more popular choice for daily driven cars, this package freshens your ride giving it a glossy shine. It also seals and protects your car's surface against environmental pollution, UV rays, hard water, acid rain and salt. It is a great package to get every 3-4 months and makes an awesome winter detail to fully protect your vehicle during the harsh winter months.
It includes:
-Tires & Wheels thoroughly washed clean
-Foam gun or Optimum polymer spray to loosen dirt
-Bug and tar removal
-Swirl free two bucket hand wash
-IronX treatment for bonded iron and brake dust removal
-Paint & glass surface decontaminated with high quality clay bar
-Door jambs, hood and trunk paint surfaces cleaned
-Exhaust tips polished
-Windows cleaned and windshield treated with rain repellent  
-Wheel waxed and tires dressed to a satin finish
-Durable high gloss carnauba wax or synthetic polymer sealant applied


Prices start at $250

Rejuvenate your vehicle's paint finish and look with the Gloss Enhancing Restoration package. The Gloss Enhancing detail removes unsightly water spots, light oxidation and light swirls all while adding a high grade of durable protective polymer sealant to the paint. A spectacular deep gloss is the result.

It includes the dura-shine process listed above only prior to waxing and sealing, your vehicle is polished using a dual-action polisher and a light All-In-one polishing wax to produce a brilliant gloss and shine. 

**Combine Full interior plus Gloss Enhancing Paint Retoration package and get 10% off total service price.


Prices start at $350

This is the first of paint restoration packages more popularly known as paint correction. Machine polishing combined with a product unique to your vehicle's specific type of paint removes minor swirls and scratches. For removal of heavier defects, swirl damage and scratches that are not too deep, additional compounding step followed by one or two finishing polish steps are required. A paint thickness measuring tool will be used to determine the safest level of defect removal that can be attained. For example, a vehicle that has been polished before may not have the same thickness layer of clear coat as a vehicle that has never been polished. Vehicle manufacturers also differ in the hardness of their paint systems. Paint correction leaves behind a highly reflective finish. A test spot is first worked on to determine the least aggressive process that it will take to restore your paint finish.

It includes:
-Up to Gloss Enhancing Restoration detail +
--A one step machine polish. Addional steps available for more paint defect removal.


Prices start at $250

Ceramic coating service is the ultimate in durable and super hydrophobic paint protection. The application lasts for two years or more during which time no more waxing is needed. The coating forms a hard glass like coating on the paint's surface with a super high gloss finish. At least a one step paint correction service must be performed before applying ceramic coatings. Smart Solution Detailing is proud to offer Carpro's CQuartz high quality coatings and Gtechniq line of coatings as well.


$50 per headlight(Two year repair guarantee againts fading and oxidation)

Wet sanded, polished and sealed with Optimum Opti-Lens to restore clarity, vision and safety. Optimum Opti-Lens Coating is the most advanced polymer system that is specifically designed for the protection of headlight lenses. This hybrid resin is a combination of Opti-Coat 2.0 ceramic resin and an acrylic resin for maximum bonding and protection of acrylic and polycarbonate lenses. Additionally Optimum Opti-Lens Coating contains high levels of UV absorbers to minimize discoloration and fading of automotive headlight lenses.




Convertible top details consist of a thorough deep clean of the fabric or vinyl top followed by a UV blocking and water repellent protective coating applied. This significantly extends the life or the convertible top when done at least once a year.




Cars $25, SUVs & Vans $35

-All carpet and seats vacuumed
-Interior trims cleaned with an all-in-one  cleaner and UV protectant
-Consoles and navigation screen wiped with soft suede microfiber and dedicated cleaner
-Windows cleaned


Prices start at $150

-Vacuum and shampoo of carpet and upholstery
-Spot clean to remove stains and stubborn dirt and grime
-Steam cleaning and hot water extraction
-Leather surfaces cleaned and treated with conditioner to add UV protection and restore original suppleness
-Dress interior trim surfaces for a clean matte finish
-Add car fragrance

Add Fabric Guard Protection liquid proof protection for carpet and upholstery $50

*Combine Full interior plus Gloss Enhancing Paint Restoration package and get 10% off total service price. 

**Excessively dirty interiors require more labor time to detail and therefore will cost more.


*Prices may vary depending on the condition of the vehicle. Full Interior and external detailing service of the Gloss Enhancing and Paint Correction service onwards require an inspection appointment to assess the entire vehicle and give an accurate quote based on the condition. Excessively dirty vehicles, tough stains or other conditions which require additional time or steps performed may cost more. An appointment will then be made for the service to be performed.